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The beauty of the Grand Canyon is so magnificent that can leave speechless just about any human being out there. I remember looking down the canyon from all the way up on the cliffs and it is the most frightening feeling I have ever had. It impressed me so much that on my way back home the inconceivable depth was still hunting me. Every time I would close my eyes to get some sleep on the plane I immediately was awaken by the persistent picture of the heights and then the Colorado river at the bottom.


Curiously enough, I didn’t have this feeling the last time I have visited the Canyon in 2008. Maybe because I was younger at that time and particularly tired that day after a night of clubbing in Las Vegas. I don’t precisely know why,  but this time every piece of this powerful landscape was talking to my mind. The black crows that fly over the canyon like eagles (at first I thought they were eagles) render an omen feeling. Still it’s just a feeling, because the peace that surrounds the Grand Canyon is just overwhelming. It’s a perfect expression of the magnitude and the perfection of our world. When there, I really wished I could spend at least one week and live and talk to the locals, and feel all the majesty of the nature. It is actually possible as there is the Hualapai Ranch where one can stay overnight, but unfortunately I didn’t have that much time. Maybe next time, maybe in another period of my life, when I am not that busy with my worldly goals and dreams.

Every time I visit a new place I have a moment when I think if I will ever come back. Of course, there is no way I can find out especially with the places that are so faraway, but still, I like to think about it and then quietly wish for another visit sometimes in the future. I am just always curious to find out how I evolved in time and how will I see the place again. I guess, it’s just a self-test and a way of rediscovering myself.

Never stop exploring,