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Korean beauty secrets are becoming more and more revealed. The Westerners are more and more attracted by the innovations in the beauty industry that are coming all the way from Asia, and precisely from South Korea and Japan.

Forget all you knew about skin care until now. Forget about buying those expensive “miracle” creams and expect them to do wonders.

As I already stressed out in my other posts, a beautiful skin starts with a very good, I mean VERY GOOD, cleansing! That $200 cream is absolutely useless if your face still contains dirt and impurities that clog the pores, making them larger. Large pores equal sagging skin and once one understands the process, one will definitely change the skin care routine. I happened to stumble upon a great Korean video that explains straight forward the importance of a correct cleansing. You can watch the video here and it also has subtitles, so no worries about language barriers.

I particularly liked the name of the show “After School Beauty Bible” which I think is very suggestive. The video is full of useful tips about pore care and how to maintain a truly healthy skin. The whole lesson is taught by a renowned Korean Beauty Creative Director, professor Pi Hyeonjeong. As you will see in this video, her skin is indeed flawless and she offers invaluable advice about how to correctly take care of the skin and the most important, where to start. The video illustrates the 3 types of pore cleansing and the effects are overwhelming as they are shown in the microscopic pictures. You will be able to see before and after pictures/videos and the content is stunning.

The main points discussed in this video are:

  1. Cleansing and pore care are the most important!  – The cleansing process cannot be ignored and it should be taken into consideration at early stages of life.
  2. Any irregularities (ex.pimples) appearing on the surface of the skin indicate that skin isn’t healthy underneath. Treat them as soon as possible! Do not cover them with makeup as it will only aggravate the overall state of the skin. 
  3. The pores need to be cleansed according to their texture. If you just clean your face and go to sleep, it won’t help you, because the particles of the dirt are very small and deeply penetrate the pores. They should be taken care of consistently and consciously.
  4. Do pores get larger with the season change? -Yes. They do. “Heat ageing” is important, says Pi Hyeonjeong. Our skin ages because of the heat. If the temperature goes up by one degree, there is a sebum increase by 10%. Then, the pores will stretch vertically, which will make the entire face sag. When the entire face is stretching, it results in ageing.
  5. The skin temperature must be kept consistent. As much as one can control it. How do you do that? Washing your face day and night with cold water and using cooling products (cooling mist, cucumber products, toners, setting sprays, etc) during the day. Examples of great products: Tony Moly Prim Aqua line, the Skin Food Ice Vita, Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel, Etude House Ice Shot, etc.
  6. Pore Care is all about cleansing! Large pores represent a real problem and there are a lot of people that fight with these little monsters. Many people would ask me (when being in my role of Meikoko founder – a Korean Beauty portal) about how to get rid of acne, breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples. My first question is always:” How do you cleanse your face? What products do you use?”
  7. There are 3 efficient ways to perform an efficient cleansing by using: Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Foam, Cleansing Device. In my other posts I pointed out and fully described the double cleansing method. You can find more info here. I LOVE the cleansing oils and literally cannot live without them. The Cleansing oil leaves moisture in the skin. It melts down all the foreign matter and dust. If you clean your skin with oil everyday, your skin will be definitely more moisturized, therefore more resilient in time. A cleansing device is necessary especially nowadays, because of the presence of the fine dust everywhere and especially in the big cities.
  8. Cleaner pores mean brighter skin. Brighter skin will show off even under makeup, making it more beautiful and healthier looking.

Cleaner pores do mean brighter skin. Try to follow these tips and you will see it for yourself. Incorporate in your skincare routine at least one oil cleanser and you will see a huge difference after the first use. I did it and my life changed! In the next posts I will write about my favourite cleansers. Until then, enjoy your K-Beauty Journey and do not forget to leave your thoughts here.