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Our lives are getting busier and busier by day. It is becoming harder and harder to keep up with the daily demands. The continuous pressure for achieving more in less time may sometimes become pretty overwhelming. Is it a good thing or a bad one? I am not sure, but what I know, is that we need to adapt and become as efficient as possible and for that, the modern woman needs the right key pieces in her wardrobe. This is crucial in a world dominated by fast-fashion retailers and trends that come and go in the matter of hours.

Nowadays, it’s just so easy to get lost in the fashion frenzy and literally to wake up with tons of cloths with no functionality.

A couple of years ago the situation wasn’t like that. A couple of years ago, the fast fashion wasn’t so affordable to the masses. Now, even the big names like VERSACE and BALMAIN decided to go mainstream by joining H&M and launching jaw dropping campaigns that would be available to almost everyone. Things got changed in the fashion world, but not for our own benefit, unfortunately. At least, I don’t see it this way. I hate “waste”.  Any kind of waste. That’s why, I permanently look for ways to save and to re-create!

This black pencil dress is one of the oldest and the most used item in my closet. And believe me, every time I wear it, I turn heads and get lots and lots of compliments. It’s simple, extremely simple, and it doesn’t need to many adornments. It depends..but..

I am a classic at heart and don’t usually indulge in too many accessories. The dress is all I need in order to feel and be attractive.

Another thing I love about this black pencil dress is that it is so amazingly versatile. It can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasions and, of course, on your state of mind. It looks great both ways: with high heels and evening clutch or sneakers and a daytime bag. It’s the best dress for the busy, business woman that has to work during the day and enjoy the perfect dinner at night. This dress is what every single woman needs to invest in and keep it as one of the best and most functional wardrobe item. It’s great for about any kind of event out there a human may have. I promise you, it’s worth it.

What’s your signature item that you cannot imagine your life without? Would love to hear from you!

Until then, keep calm and wear the black pencil dress!






Wearing: Black Dress – Similar NORDSTROM; Studded Slip On Sneakers ANTONIO MELANI; High Heel Shoes JESSICA SIMPSON, Bag BRAHMIN, Clutch KATE SPADE