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The Moon Boot

Forget about UGG boots! I call them “cruel boots” due to the process of their making. It’s incredible how in the year of 2017 , the humanity still continues to slaughter animals, this time for luxury and comfort as opposed to ancient times, when it was done for survival. If you want to familiarize yourself with the painful realities concerning these boots you can check PETA.

Luckily, there are so many other amazing alternatives out there, like for example The Moon Boots! Even though they have already an extremely long history, since 1970, I happened to discover them just this year, when knowing my low tolerance to cold weather, I was searching for the best snow boot out there. And I found it! THE MOON BOOT

The Moon Boot has been designed and launched in 1970 by Tecnica, an Italian, cutting-edge company in the manufacturing of performance footwear for outdoor sports. The company has been found in 1960 by two brothers: Giancarlo and Ambroziano Zanata.

“All Tecnica products are studied so that they give each and every sports enthusiast maximum performance. Racing provides the most advanced workshop for studying and developing the best solutions for all consumers: the constant striving for excellence has resulted in dozens of Tecnica athletes achieving the greatest successes in all the most important international competitions.”

The Moon Boot is a snow boot or after-ski boot, that has been inspired by the legendary landing on the moon by the Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong. Indeed so, the Moon Boot resembles so much the footwear of an astronaut on the Moon.

The Moon Boots

These boots are so much fun to wear and I was getting so many compliments every time I was wearing them. Besides being so different and fashionable, the Moon Boots are extremely comfortable and lightweight. They are made of  a thin rubber outsole and cellular rubber midsole covered by colorful water resistant nylon fabrics and using  foams inside the boot, which act almost like a memory foam wrapping up the feet and keeping them warm no matter the temperature outside.

After the heavy ski shoes, sliding my feet into my Moon Boots was like an immediate spa and indulgence. They felt like feathers with some hardcore heaters.

You can find these boots in a variety of amazing, bright colors on different websites like: Zappos, AmazonNordstrom.

For a fun, warm winter, try these boots! Your feet will thank you!