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The love for cloths and accessories may be perceived by some as materialistic and superficial… a narcissistic vanity. Personally, I look at garments behind their mere appearance. In fact, I am fascinated by how much history one may learn just by wondering about the origins of a certain article of clothing: mini skirt, cardigan, sweater, T-shirt, jeans, or a dress. The history behind each garment we actually wear everyday is mind-blowing and if one is curious enough to dig into the past, he/she will find that fashion has never been something shallow, by contrary, it always expressed the times, challenged cultures, defined economics and politics. The Fashion industry had always a pivotal impact on the society in different époques.

The dresses, in particular, are the best illustrations of distinct historical periods and often have special names that refer to that specific time. For example: the Helen dress, Cleopatra dress, Empire-Waist dress, Delphos dress, a Kimono dress, etc. If you are like me and have a passion for the draped dresses that flow around your body in a natural way, than we definitely owe our taste to ancient Greece and Rome. These breezy dresses are meant to be romantic and seductive, most often tied gently with a sash and represent variations of what we know as “toga”. This is Helen’s dress, Helen of Troy (1200BC), that has been known in her time as the most beautiful woman in the world, so much loved by Paris.

While I love tailored, structured, fitted dresses for everyday life (Cleopatra inspired dresses), I am very fond of the Grecian draping when it comes to special occasions. The yellow dress from the pictures reflects its Greek origins in the way it is made, but also the way it flows in the wind, creating this dreamy aura. I chose to wear it for a special day and it was the perfect dress for an anniversary on the beach.

The modern times we live in are amazing from a fashion point of view. Never before, the humanity had so many choices when it came to garments. Today everything is in and whether you are a Victorian era sympathizer or you look to channel a legendary beauty like Cleopatra or Helen of Troy, there are plenty of affordable choices, just revive your imagination.

With much love,


draped dress

Helen of Troy dress

draped yellow dress