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Gold Rhapsody in pink. Vintage pink car. Lovely Weekend

Oh, Hello Weekend!

It’s been a pretty crazy week, but the good thing is that nowadays you don’t notice how time is flying. From Monday to Friday it feels like a 24h span.

Wish I could go back in the 80s or even 90s when people were actually taking their time to enjoy living. I remember, the days back then, were pretty long. Now it’s like a continuous race. I am wondering if we are really achieving more by being in such an irreversible and necessary hurry. Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s just all about the choices we make in life. Probably, to a certain extent it is up to us how fast we want to move and how much we really need.

I am one of those persons that want it all and wanted it now, and that’s why everything in front of me runs at the speed of light.

Gold Rhapsody enjoying some nice beats on a weeknd.

Sometimes I say to myself: “Ok, I think I am going to be sick today. I am really tired.” And then, almost immediately, another thought is invading my mind: ” Nope. I cannot waste my time. If I do this particular thing today, I don’t have to worry anymore and this will give me the opportunity to continue with my other plans, and so on, and so on.” And then I feel an immense force that is engulfing my body and my mind and gets me up and going. With me is very simple. I need to get an idea in my head that will energize me, motivate me. It’s amazing how it works. If I manage to get a thought, an idea that challenges my imagination, it doesn’t matter how tired or exhausted I may be, it acts so much better than two gallons of coffee, red bull or monster. None of these is ever needed. Anyways, beside my morning coffee, I never consume any kind of other energy drinks.

Since I was little I was practicing visualization. That time I didn’t know it was a real meditation technique. I thought it was fun to crawl into other realms, faraway from reality. I used to lose myself in my deep imagination and live almost any kind of human feeling. Probably that’s why my dreams are so complex and vivid. My imagination skills are giving me lots of energy, sometimes too much! I just wish I had enough physical time to realize everything I have in my little head.

Imagine, dream, and keep going!

Have an amazing pink weekend,



Gold Rhapsody by a vintage pink car. Weekend vibes.