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Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe – A Lovely Slice of Wintry Heaven


So where do I start? A couple of years ago I vowed to myself that every single birthday will be celebrated by embracing a new adventure, by visiting a new place. It’s really inspiring and convenient that my birthday is…

The Moon Boot

The Moon Boots


Forget about UGG boots! I call them “cruel boots” due to the process of their making. It’s incredible how in the year of 2017 , the humanity still continues to slaughter animals, this time for luxury and comfort as opposed…

Gold Rhapsody

In The End Is The Beginning


Here we are at the end of 2016 waiting eagerly and faithfully the arrival of  2017. Every year, on the 31st of December I become pretty anxious. Anxious about the future and what the next year might bring. One can…

H&M Ugly Christmas Sweater

The Not So Ugly Christmas Sweater


One of the most desired day of the year, the Christmas day, is gone. All we are left with are sweet memories of another successful and prosperous winter holiday. May all of them be beautiful and happy! This year, I…