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2017 Green Stone Jewelry


Fashion drives the jewelry world tendencies and this year, 2017 you should expect to see a lot of green in everything. It’s the color of revival and hope! “Greenery” has been chosen by Pantone as the color of the year…

Gold Rhapsody

In The End Is The Beginning


Here we are at the end of 2016 waiting eagerly and faithfully the arrival of  2017. Every year, on the 31st of December I become pretty anxious. Anxious about the future and what the next year might bring. One can…


Living with intentionFeatured

Fashion, Inspire

The business of modernity has swiftly transformed us into some sorts of robots that are taken away by the wave of the multitude of daily tasks. Never in the history of humanity, have we been bombarded by the same uplifting…


The Timeless Breton Shirt


I love fashion, but I am pretty careful with trends. Not all the trends fit me or my personality. Yet, I am all about the trends that have that particular factor: timelessness. The navy and white striped shirts, pullovers are…


The Rhapsody Of Spring


Hello Darlings, I know it’s been a while since my last post anywhere here or on social media. I am happy to be back with a whole new Gold Rhapsody. In fact, this is what we have been working on:…