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The Rhapsody Of Spring


Hello Darlings, I know it’s been a while since my last post anywhere here or on social media. I am happy to be back with a whole new Gold Rhapsody. In fact, this is what we have been working on:…


An Ode To Love In 17 Quotes

Editor's Picks, Fashion

“When there is love, you can live even without happiness.” FYODOR DOSTOYEVSKY, Notes From Underground Even though I am not a Valentine’s Day fan, as I believe that love and all the beautiful relationships must be celebrated and valued every single…

Deconstructing Love

Editor's Picks, Fashion

I haven’t been writing about love since high school. I guess because life happened afterwards and writing in general was pretty much postponed from a day to another. Also, the word “love” became so ubiquitous that, writing about it, seemed somehow…

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Lately I have been thinking a lot about how fast the time is passing by. I really need 48h instead of 24, but then, I think that once you get accustomed to a 48h day, then you would wish for…

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I woke up this morning, got a freshly brewed Italian coffee, stepped outside on my porch and was looking around me. The sun was shining bright, the birds were singing early rhapsodies, and an overall green and pleasant atmosphere was…