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Gold Rhapsody Sabina Channa wearing an oversized Zara black jacket and palazzo pants.

Into The BlackFeatured


This summer is like no other. No beach and sandy hair for me. Even if the ocean is just five minutes away, I still could not find even one day to go, relax, and enjoy the waves. Thus, I found…

White dress

A Summer Favourite


The Little White Dress While summer screams colour, all the shades of yellow, orange, pink, and turquoise, my preference for whites is irreplaceable. Even in the summer, I am a stubborn classic with a taste for grace and purity. I wear…


Monday Cheers Not “Tears”

Fashion, Inspire

Busy never felt that good. I love doing stuff. No matter what, I want my life busy and full of events, to do everything I desire to and dream of. I really feel this way. I love running and accomplishing, as…




Have you ever been beaten by a coral? Yes, a coral, the one that is related to the coral reefs. But….wait a minute….how can one be beaten by a …plant? What are you talking about? A coral is a beautiful…