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Kindness Is fASHIONABLEFeatured

Fashion, Inspire

“Kindness is fashionable”, says Rachel Roy and I am fully subscribing to the same affirmation. The more technologically developed we become, the more we forget about the true values that characterize our  existence. The more people I met, the more…


An Ode To Love In 17 Quotes

Editor's Picks, Fashion

“When there is love, you can live even without happiness.” FYODOR DOSTOYEVSKY, Notes From Underground Even though I am not a Valentine’s Day fan, as I believe that love and all the beautiful relationships must be celebrated and valued every single…

Deconstructing Love

Editor's Picks, Fashion

I haven’t been writing about love since high school. I guess because life happened afterwards and writing in general was pretty much postponed from a day to another. Also, the word “love” became so ubiquitous that, writing about it, seemed somehow…


What Is A Journey?

Fashion, Mexico, Travel

What is a journey? Is it a trip? Is it a vacation? Is it a luxury? A discovery? Or maybe…a self-discovery? No matter what’s your answer to this question, one thing is certain: a journey must have a destination, be…