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gold rhapsody in a field of wheat. happiness. gratitude. fashion.


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Day by day we are trying to catch up with the modern pace of life. “Every day I am hustling” seems to clutter everybody’s mind and we are all in competition, in competition with each other, in competition with ourselves….


Mohave DesertFeatured


It’s a beautiful Friday morning away from home. The Sun is kindly caressing my cheeks through the huge ceiling-to-floor windows that I left uncovered from the last night. I don’t like to cover the windows at night. It creates a…

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe – A Lovely Slice of Wintry Heaven


So where do I start? A couple of years ago I vowed to myself that every single birthday will be celebrated by embracing a new adventure, by visiting a new place. It’s really inspiring and convenient that my birthday is…