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kate spade


The Timeless Breton Shirt


I love fashion, but I am pretty careful with trends. Not all the trends fit me or my personality. Yet, I am all about the trends that have that particular factor: timelessness. The navy and white striped shirts, pullovers are…


The Rhapsody Of Spring


Hello Darlings, I know it’s been a while since my last post anywhere here or on social media. I am happy to be back with a whole new Gold Rhapsody. In fact, this is what we have been working on:…

#CHSFW The Runway Show - Friday Highlights

#CHSFW Black Is Back Look 3

Charleston, Fashion, Fashion Events

Charleston Fashion Week came to an end, leaving behind beautiful memories portrayed in photos and most importantly, an amazing experience. Just walking on the streets of this city, one can feel the amalgam of French, Italian, Spanish, and Middle East…


Romanian Folklore On A Piece Of Silk


KUDOS FOR MALVENSKY My love for black and white is constant and forever. As Gabrielle Chanel said, black and white are perfect, they compliment each other in such a perfect way. Still, when these two conservative colors are separated and interwoven with a…