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Ocean Jewels Jewelry Store



Aux Champs-ÉlyséesFeatured

Fashion, Fashion Events

Here I am in Paris again. Virtually. Theoretically. The fashion week just started and it’s going to be awesome as always. Red is trending this fall and I foresaw this a couple of months ago. Just kidding. It’s just a…

Gold Rhapsody happy at Ocean Jewels, a jewelry store.

What If Your Job Had No MeaningFeatured

Fashion, Inspire

It’s Monday. Another beautiful day to be blessed to open my eyes in the morning, make my delicious coffee, dress up and head to work. I get to work and after I arrange my work place, I open my Facebook…

Gold Rhapsody Sabina Channa wearing an oversized Zara black jacket and palazzo pants.

Into The BlackFeatured


This summer is like no other. No beach and sandy hair for me. Even if the ocean is just five minutes away, I still could not find even one day to go, relax, and enjoy the waves. Thus, I found…