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Myrtle Beach

Kindness Is fASHIONABLEFeatured

Fashion, Inspire

“Kindness is fashionable”, says Rachel Roy and I am fully subscribing to the same affirmation. The more technologically developed we become, the more we forget about the true values that characterize our  existence. The more people I met, the more…


NYC GetawayFeatured

Fashion, Travel

Gosh, I cannot believe the fall is over and the winter is almost here. Since I started blogging it looks like time flies by with the speed of light. I am not done with the fall! Not yet. But, I…


Ocean Jewels – New Project, New Beginnings

Fashion, Jewelry

  Making dreams come true. Yes, it’s possible, through hard work, passion and lots of dedication. I remember when I was working for Corporate America and one day, after a regular, almost boring day, tired, and exhausted from the lack…


Monday Cheers Not “Tears”

Fashion, Inspire

Busy never felt that good. I love doing stuff. No matter what, I want my life busy and full of events, to do everything I desire to and dream of. I really feel this way. I love running and accomplishing, as…