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Gold Rhapsody Sabina Channa wearing an oversized Zara black jacket and palazzo pants.

Into The BlackFeatured


This summer is like no other. No beach and sandy hair for me. Even if the ocean is just five minutes away, I still could not find even one day to go, relax, and enjoy the waves. Thus, I found…


Faux-Fur Frenzy


Wearing faux-fur is one of my longest fashion passion and I don’t see it vanishing away too soon. This season one could see the fluffy vests and coats in almost every store and editorials. Celebrities, models, everybody is wearing them….


Romanian Folklore On A Piece Of Silk


KUDOS FOR MALVENSKY My love for black and white is constant and forever. As Gabrielle Chanel said, black and white are perfect, they compliment each other in such a perfect way. Still, when these two conservative colors are separated and interwoven with a…


What Is A Journey?

Fashion, Mexico, Travel

What is a journey? Is it a trip? Is it a vacation? Is it a luxury? A discovery? Or maybe…a self-discovery? No matter what’s your answer to this question, one thing is certain: a journey must have a destination, be…