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Summer. The time when everything is easier, prettier, and happier. The time, when life may get hectic, but the presence of the Sun and the green scenery all around reinforces a strange and wild sense of freedom and contentment. I love summers for their uniqueness and for the novelty, for the amalgam of colours and good humour.

I love summer for its challenge, the challenge to stay stylish despite the heat and the humidity, because, boy, there are days, when one cannot help, but feel totally imprisoned by his/her own garments. In this context, a fashion show, featuring the trendiest stores and boutiques in town as well as ” The Most Stylish” of the Grand Strand, is more than a great idea. It’s a must- see event, designed to inspire, invigorate, and create opportunities for meeting beautiful people.

The Market Common Fashion Show 2016 was hot in any connotations that the adjective “hot”may have! Still, it somehow managed to be the most talked event in town. Loved the diversity of all the outfits presented by our local boutiques, as well as the colours chosen and the fabrics. I’ve noticed an explosion of turquoise colour, which is my favourite for about  any summer at the beach and I don’t see it vanishing any time soon.

Hope your summer is as colourful as mine. If not, just go to a local shop and you will be amazed at what you can find!

With love,