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Ciao Bellas,

How is your summer going? Hope everyone is having a wonderful time! About my summer, I can say that I definitely didn’t expect much of the events developing the way they do. Totally unplanned and unexpected, but definitely worth it. Sometimes, we just have to rely on the independent unfolding of certain segments of our lives and hope for the best.

While my summer started with a storm of unpleasant events and lots of stressful situations, they may have had a cathartic effect on my overall life.

What I mean is that the bad is for the better sometimes, that’s why it is so important to be strong, faithful, know your values, and stick to them no matter what.

Once you understand what you want and direct your energy towards that specific goal, everything will just fall into place, in time, of course, and even though I am extremely impatient, I have learned that patience and faith in God and yourself are the prerequisites for success and well-being.

I celebrate all my successes, big or small. I like to cherish life in general, sometimes by filling out my house with flowers, organizing a glamorous dinner, or drinking my coffee from a special cup. I love doing everything with passion and style. That’s why I was beyond happy to be nominated as one of “The Most Stylish” by the Grand Strand Magazine and then a double surprise when I saw my face on the cover of the same magazine. Goal accomplished! Yes, I said “goal” because I have been dreaming about that for some time. This is another important thing:

One must start with a dream in order to make it a reality.

Of course, it’s a process that requires again patience and perseverance, but in the end, the Universe gets it. Have you ever watched or read “The Secret”? You should. I did it many years ago and it marked me. Usually the things and people that have a mesmerizing effect on me are those that live in my heart forever and become my life guidelines and role-models. That’s my third important thing:

Find somebody or something that inspires you, that motivates you, that makes you want to be the best version of you.

It always worked for me wonders and continues to do so.

As for the style and fashion, if you grabbed the latest issue of the Grand Strand Magazine, you already saw that for me, style is a complex relationship between who you are, what you wear, and what you want to transmit to the world. Style defines and builds. With a good style, one is always fashionable. Also, style doesn’t necessarily involve Louboutin shoes and Louis Vuitton bags.

Style is also about ethics and manners, and these ones come without a price tag.