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I love fashion, but I am pretty careful with trends. Not all the trends fit me or my personality. Yet, I am all about the trends that have that particular factor: timelessness. The navy and white striped shirts, pullovers are never out of style. Isn’t it amazing how an item of clothing is capable of withstanding time and trends with such grace and stubbornness at the same time?

This year the the navy and white stripes have inspired and extended the imagination of the most amazing garments. Stripes are everywhere in all colours, all shapes, all forms. I am happy to embrace this style as it offers that fresh  and carefree look. Have you ever wondered where this striped trend came from? I always like to research particular fashion trends or specific pieces of clothing. Their history always blows my mind and make me appreciate and give more value to my wardrobe. It actually has a meaning.

I am sure that every fashionista out there is familiar with Audrey Hepburn’s picture depicting her on the phone wearing a striped pullover.

The style is called the Breton shirt. That’s is the correct name for this type of shirt and even though timelessness is a French fashion priority, the Breton shirt surely doesn’t originate from Paris. The name comes from Bretagne (Brittany) a peninsular region in the northwest of France. The striped shirt was originally worn by the sailors along Brittany. The navy and blue striped pullovers were ideal to combat the bad weather. Later, in 1858 the French navy adopted the striped shirt as their official uniform. After 1900, the breton shirt became a staple in the fashion world, carried on and famously worn by Gabriel Chanel, Brigitte Bardot, and Jean Seberg. Nowadays, the Breton shirt is definitely a recognizable piece in Venice, where it can be spotted on the handsome gondoliers around the lagoon and around the world worn by all the fashion lovers and not only.

An off shoulder Breton shirt? Timelessness times two. Yes, please.









Wearing: Breton Shirt by ABERCROMBIE & FITCH/ Midi Skirt by H & M/ White Sneakers by MICHAEL KORS/ White Sandals by JESSICA SIMPSON/ Rose Gold Bag by KATE SPADE/ Fine Jewelry by OCEAN JEWELS/