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Rodin Olio Lusso

Rodin Olio Lusso – An Oasis Of LuxuryFeatured


It’s been a long time since I last wrote about skincare. It’s as important to me as it was in the first day I started writing about skincare regimens and Korean beauty products. I haven’t written too much about it…


Evening Skin Care Secrets


Hello Lovelies, This post is the second part of this one in which I describe a couple of products I use in order to prevent the early signs of aging. In this post I will cover my evening skin care routine…

anti-aging tips

A Review Of My Favourite Anti-Aging Products


Hello Beauties, I realized I haven’t written about skin care for a very long time. Now, with the launching of the new version of Gold Rhapsody, I will definitely write more about skin care rituals, tips, product reviews, as this…

Essential oil with jasmine

The Miracle Of Oils


Hello Darlings, I have been fascinated by essential oils since the first time I visited Egypt. I am sure that anybody who went to this fabulous country had at least one encounter with the oil fragrances produced and sold by…


The Power Of The Red Lipstick


Let’s talk about lipstick. Let’s talk abut the classic red lipstick. Until not long ago, I wasn’t a dedicated user of a very bright red lipstick. Honestly, I was afraid. It just looked to me so pretentious and so flashy,…