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The older I grow, the less things I like to see around me. Some people are different: with age they tend to accumulate stuff that in a way, in their minds, it equals worth. I believe that our worth is as much as we can create and leave behind us: a teaching, one idea, a legacy, or an example of righteousness. All the other “stuff” is just clutter. I prefer simplicity.

“In character, in manner, in  style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.”

(Henry Longfellow)

Applying this concept in everything one does is creating a way of living that fulfills and spreads peace. While I appreciate heavy baroque style embellishments in garments or in home decorations, they quickly drain me. After six months, I long for “fresh air”, for white walls and lots of windows. I need light. I need space and sunshine.

My propensity towards a minimalistic style is inspired very much from the modernist architecture that is simple, yet with so much movement and unexpected twists. And windows. I believe a house or a building, in general, can never have enough glass. I am just obsessed with glass and boundlessness. It gives me freedom and clarity.

I will never forget what the iconic Karl Lagerfeld once stated about his lifestyle that he doesn’t keep too much furniture in his house or other unnecessary things. The thought that all these things will outlive his lifetime, scares him. So much truth and wisdom, I would say.

What’s your style? What’s your dream house or place? Would love to hear your comments.







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