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This summer I have traveled a lot. Before initiating my trips I carefully thought about my skin and how I should take care of it in order to keep it radiant and healthy while jumping from one plane to another. I must say that since my Korean beauty products discovery, the problem of how to maintain my skin at a desired level actually, became a real pleasure with wonderful effects. It’s no longer a problem, because I know exactly what my skin wants and needs and the Asian beauty secrets are entirely valid even when the environment has disastrous effects onto the skin, for example on the plane. Of course, there is always the packaging issue as well (ex. the airport security, luggage, etc.), but even in this domain, the Asians came with brilliant ideas that are worth to be tried.

1.Clean it Zero by Banila Co. I always start with a good cleanser. For me a good cleanser is an oil cleanser and is crucial in my skincare routine. Since I discovered it, my life has been literally transformed and my skin never felt happier. When I travel, because of the luggage issues, I opt for a solid cleanser that has an oily texture once it is spread onto the skin. The Banila Co Clean It Zero, is a sherbet-type cleanser and it becomes very silky when in contact with the skin. The oil cleansers are extremely gentle to the skin, have a low pH and they are designed to remove any trace of makeup and impurities in a lovely way. I religiously use an oil cleanser especially in the night. It melts the makeup instantly and leaves your face moisturized and squiky clean. Sometimes, if in the morning I feel that my skin is oily, I will use an oil cleanser even then. If you never tried Clean it Zero, do so and you will never want to go back to your old cleanser.


2. Because I am a convinced fan of the double cleansing, I rarely if ever skip it. The double cleansing method is again of Korean origin and it has incredible effects, that’s why I quickly adopted it. It consists in using an oil cleanser in combination with a foam cleanser and believe me, it works wonders. The foam cleanser is the 2nd step in this process and it is supposed to remove all the makeup traces and oil residue, thus preparing the skin for the next step. While traveling I used Sum 37 Miracle Rose Stick which is a solid stick with real dried rose petals that once spread onto the face becomes a mild foam. It is super gentle and the presentation, the packaging of this awesome product is very convenient and easy to use. It also provides a great exfoliation due to the rose petals. Because of the exfoliation function, I could skip the scrub.


3. Normally, the third product that I use at home would be a toner, but this time I relied on the essence. I use Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence. The use of an essence is a very new step in the skin care regimen in the Western world, but in South Korea this step is never missed. It is one of the most important! What is this essence? Its texture is similar to the cosmetic water used in Asian countries, but it contains the consistency of a serum. This essence is as light as water and as active as a serum. It almost looks like a toner, but in addition to preparing the skin for a better absorption of the next product, the essence also treats the skin at a cellular level.

4. Next thing I use is a serum. I know, it might seem that I use too many products and one may wonder how come I do not get pimples and breakouts. I don’t, because the Korean beauty products are designed to be layered and work together. I never felt my face heavy because of these steps. By contrary, it’s much healthier and more radiant now. The serum I used this summer during my travel was IOPE SUPER VITAL CREAM VIP SPECIAL GIFT and it’s fantastic. IOPE is made by Amore Pacific, an internationally acclaimed beauty company that brought a lot of innovations in the skin care industry. I particularly love the scent of the IOPE products and the Vital travel kit is absolutely invaluable! It’s a luxurious brand that provides a truly luxurious experience. The skin is instantly lifted and glowing. The Super Vital Extra Moist Serum with Neo Lipid Carrier (N.L.C) has a very convenient pump dispenser that makes the whole experience even more beautiful. Also, I love the elegant bottle and box that is very easy to carry and stylish.


5. The next product is from the same travel kit IOPE Super Vit Cream VIP Special Gift and is an emulsion that provides hydration to the skin.

6. I always follow with a moisturizer and the IOPE Vital Cream Bio Intensive Moisturizer is pretty heavy and I used it especially during the night. It instantly makes the skin glowing and resilient. The effects are easily felt in the morning. Even if the cream is heavier it does not clog the pores.

7. Oh, the eyes… They are the mirror to our inner world. That’s why the eye area should be treated in a special way and never forgotten. The skin around our eyes is the most sensible and the most prone to the first signs of ageing. The IOPE Super Vital Extra Moist Eye Cream is a butter-like cream and is extremely rich! The cream will stay on the face throughout the night, protecting, lifting, and moisturizing it. This IOPE travel kit is awesome for people with dry to very dry skin. It’s also very good for those with dull skin, as the creams do immediately revitalize and restore it. I loved using it especially after long flights, as all the fatigue will be washed away overnight and my skin would be baby-like in the morning.

8. In order to keep my skin super moisturized twice a week I would apply a sleeping pack

9. Almost done. These steps I followed everyday during my trip to Europe and these are the products I faithfully used. Now, in the morning I will surely use a BB cream, then cushion compact. The BB Cream I used was Skin Food Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea SPF 20 PA+. This BB cream perfectly fits my skin tone and has a very light and pleasant honey smell. The SPF20 is too low for the summer, but I additionally used Innsifree Eco Safety Daily Sunblock SPF 35 which did the job just right.


10. The last product I cannot live without in the morning is the IOPE Cushion Compact or Innisfree Ampoule Intensive Cushion Compact. If you never used a cushion compact, please do so! It will change your life forever!


For longer vacations I make sure I have the most important beauty bottles and I would give up a pair of shoes in order to have place in my luggage for my little buddies. It’s so important! I always had good results and never had a problem with my skin since adopting the Korean beauty tips. There are plenty of steps, but trust me, they are soooooo worth it, that once you try them, you become addicted for life. This summer my indispensable beauty and skincare products followed me everywhere I went and I cannot stress enough how pleased I am.


I have talked about skincare rituals on the go here. In the next article I will describe an easy way to follow the steps in maintaining a glamorous skin, while using foil packets and miniature deluxe samples of the desired products. The foil sachets can be used just once and then be disposed. They are just perfect for travelling by plane, train, car.

Hope you enjoyed this post! What products do you use while on vacation?