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New Year, New Resolutions! I am not going to talk about my resolutions here as I prefer to keep them in my mind and do as much as I can while enjoying every single minute of life.

The holidays are gone and finally I can say I am back to my normal routine. I missed that. I missed being disciplined and do things one by one and not rushing into anything. I love winter holidays, but for some reasons they drain me off. I guess all the positive emotions and exhilaration can become tiresome at some point without us even realizing that. That’s why we function the best when there is balance in our lives. The holidays’ cheerful aura is amazing and I need that every single year, but everything needs to come in measures.

Going back to your old routine in the New Year may be pretty boring or even depressing, that’s why it is necessary to invent something new, to create a new routine, to learn something new, to get out of your comfort zone as soon as possible, to get ready for new challenges and to look for them.

Sometimes, it’s quite not easy to achieve that, as most of the times we are trapped in a vicious circle and breaking it may cause psychological discomfort, but it’s hard until you start. After that, the ideas, the strength, the willingness, will flow naturally. AGAIN, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO BEGIN IT! It may be a new book, a new exercise, a new vacation, a new diet, a new skill, even just a walk outside every evening may be powerful and motivating.

I am happy to have started some new, interesting online classes, cleaning an arranging every corner of my home, be back in the gym with totally new workout routine, and of course making new dreams.



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Processed with VSCO with a2 preset

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