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Paris Fashion WeekWith the beginning of a new season, the fashion world becomes all busy with the glamorous fashion shows. Paris, New York, Milano, are invaded by gorgeous models, celebrities, designers, bloggers, all eager to jump into a new fashion journey, to set new trends. I am particularly found of the fall fashion shows, because I love this time of the year as I think it’s the most stylish. Spring has its own charm and particularities, but the autumn fashion has something innocent and sexy at the same time. This duality attracts me and inspires me. This year, the fashion designers came up with interesting ideas, while pretty much preserving the classic colours of the fall.

I particularly loved MIU MIU show. Absolutely gorgeous! I would wear every single piece of clothing. You can watch them here.

Oh, by the way, have you tried the new MIU MIU Fragrance?! It’s their first one and it smells heavenly. A total success! The smell is in perfect correlation with it’s bottle. I discovered it at the duty free in Istanbul and had to have it right away!

What do you think about Rihanna’s look? Loved the dress! She always manages to impress and be unique.


Kendall’s white dress is a dream. LOve the geometrical, futuristic elements.

All these outfits are beautiful and alluring, but I guess that this year the Paris Fashion Week has been stolen by Rick Owen collection: models wearing models. What do you think about it?