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I always plan my trips and vacations from the day one. Still, many times, when I arrive at my destination, usually the first day I become a little bit confused. Why? Probably because in the first day, I am usually so overwhelmed with the novelty of the new place I have to explore. All this mixed with great enthusiasm creates a “I don’t know where to start my day” kind of moment. Palma is guaranteed to steal your feelings and make you feel pleasantly confused. It’s like a dream from which one doesn’t want to wake up. Or, if you ever fell in love at the first sight, you know what I am talking about. “ En état d’ébriété” a French would say and the Mallorcan surroundings would make you feel like you had a couple of glasses of some good, rosé wine.


So, how do you start your day and where? First of all, make sure to get a good room with a sea view at the hotel you are staying. Plenty of hotels in Mallorca have rooms with sea view and seeing the sunrise from the comfort of your bed the first thing in the morning, is a fantastic experience. The beauty of this scenery fulfills you with energy and fulfillment. In Palma, it is especially grateful to watch the sunrise if you are located somewhere close to the port. Merveilleux! I stayed at Hotel Costa Azul right there on the Avinguda de Gabriel Roca and the view from the rooms and the pool terrace was breathtaking.



Go, get a nice cup of coffee at Cappucino Grand Café, one of the best cafe experiences! The Cappuccino Grand Café is situated very close to Hotel Costa Azul and offers beautiful views of the port. Also, the unique décor of the cafe will make you feel special and value every single moment spent in Palma. As you savored the last sip of coffee, head towards east, along the beautiful Gabriel Roca Avenue or along the shore. The multitude of the white boats is worth to be seen closer and immortalized on your camera.



Once you get to a very picturesque bridge continue your route ahead as there are plenty of things to be admired. You will pass a very beautiful alley guarded by huge Mallorcan Palm trees that are a symbol of elegance and luxury. On the left side, you will see a wonderful photo exhibition with exotic animals from all over the globe. The photos are so attractive that any tourist cannot help but stop and admire some of the amazing species that are portrayed there.



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After passing the alley, you will get to a splendid intersection from where the first thing you will notice will be the imposing Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria Of Palma, commonly referred to as La Seu. The building is spectacular and is so huge that the first day in Palma should be dedicated only to this piece of art that dates from 1229 when King James I of Aragon begun its construction. It finished only in 1601. It is situated atop the former citadel of the Roman city, between the Royal Palace of La Almudaina and the episcopal palace. It also overlooks the Parc de la Mar and the Mediterranean Sea.


Before starting your journey to this Cathedral, get yourself a sweet, refreshing icecream while praising the blue-turqoise waters of the Mediterrainean Sea. Exploring the stunning surrounding of the Cathedral is an experience itself and one should spend about 2-3 hours on its grounds. Magnificent views of the parc and the sea, together with lonely artists that play their guitar, the tranquility of the cathedral, make one fall into a reverie and be transported somewhere faraway in time. I spent about 4 hours exploring the fortress and discovering one by one its hidden treasures. Also, I started with visiting the beautiful gardens and the Almudaina Palace. After visiting the Cathedral head towards a nice restaurant right there in the heart of the city. It’s time for a very late lunch or an early dinner. In Palma, the restaurants are opened all day long, ready to serve their delicacies at any time. Whatever you are eating make sure you save some place for a very traditional Palma dessert. More about the dessert, in another post.



The evenings in Palma are as gracious as the mornings. If the day was a bit too eventful, one can return to the hotel and relax in a Jacuzzi waiting for the sunset. I am extremely energetic especially in the first day, and I am so eager to visit every single corner of my new host city, that would stroll around and make sure my eyes are catching every detail. At the end of my day, I would still find energy to discover the little shops and hidden streets. I am very reluctant to go to sleep.


I end my day with a glass of champagne on my balcony looking at the sky. My name is Stella Sabina and I am living my dream.