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I love living in South Carolina for a particular reason: the weather. It tends to be so moody and full of surprises that I can never get bored, of course with some exceptions that occur during the summer. Starting with October and till May, you ought to have your closet just ready for any kind of day: super hot, warm, humid and warm, cold and humid, dry, super cold, freezing, etc. Some people are annoyed by these temperature variations, but I certainly find them fun, unexpected, and from a fashion point of view, pretty challenging. That’s why, a southern style closet should have a little bit of everything, and one can never get rid of certain seasonal cloths.

I am particularly fond of cardigans and vests, as they are so versatile, and just perfect for a constantly changing climate. They are easy to use and add an instant polish to any look. Also, you can dress it up or down, depending on your mood, style, and feelings. They are really easy to wear when it’s chilly out there and so easy to get rid of, when after 12pm the sun is getting to its senses. They are great at work or for running errands due to their comfort and coziness. I am pretty obsessed with the knitted ones but even more with the furry ones, the faux-fur that can make any look stand out and at the same time, not loosing from its functionality. Talking about cardigans, did you know that they come to us directly from the battlefield (The bloody battle of Balaclava, 1854) and belonged exclusively to men? During the Battle of Balaclava in 1854, Lord Cardigan led his regiments dressed with large caps made of fur, collarless, and open-front jackets. Soon after, everybody was crazy about the cardigans. One thing is certain: fashion has been reportedly inspired from military in many époques.

Lately, with the minimalist tendencies, the monochromatic look has been popping up everywhere. We have seen it at NYFW as well and for a good reason. It’s relatively easy to pull and all it expresses is simplicity. Of course, grey can make you look all depressed, and well…grey. But a little bit of red lipstick and the over the knee boots, will dissipate this kind of perceptions from any passer by.

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