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Women need so little. A beautiful dress, high heels, some lipstick, a glass of champagne, flowers, and a little bit of love. Ok, maybe we need more than just a little bit, but as long as we can afford these trivialities, I guess every woman has the potential of feeling happy and fulfilled even if for a moment.img_20160919_012058

My love for beautiful dresses and heels has been there with me since I was very little. I was looking in the mirror and I remember seeing this little body, olive skin, dark, short hair. I think I was just an average looking kid, nothing special, just two big eyes. In the modern view, I wasn’t a beautiful child. But this didn’t matter as we were living in different times, pretty much diverted from the notion of mere beautiful appearance that is so unbelievably important nowadays. I did have a very strong character and I was a pretty dreamy creature. I was always dreaming of beautiful dresses and golden shoes. Yes, golden shoes were my obsession, golden, sparkling high heel sandals, to be precise. I was very much inspired from my mother’s sandals that I would secretly wear so many times. I remember when coming home from school and still having a bit of time till my mom would get home. Those hours from 2 to 4 pm were my hours as I could sneak into my mom’s closet and get her wedding dress. That time, my mother’s wedding dress was the most beautiful garment I had ever seen and I couldn’t have enough of it. I was wearing it every day…literally. It was an all white, lace dress with long sleeves. It was a much simpler version of what Katherine, Duchesse of Cambridge wore on her fairy tale wedding. The dress was big, of course, but I could look at it for hours and my imagination would go wild. I was imagining myself grown up and fitting into that beauty and my only wish was to be able to wear it every single day. When I grow up.

And I grew up, and I have beautiful dresses now, it’s just that I cannot wear them every day. I continue to have a special preference for the long sleeve gowns, as they probably remind me of that little girl’s dream and also because they tend to be so divine, so pure, and even Angelique, I would say. Every time I have an occasion to wear a sophisticated gown, I am all smiles. I am in my world, in the land of beauty and love.



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Wearing: Monarch Beaded Dress by Parker Black/