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It’s a beautiful Friday morning away from home. The Sun is kindly caressing my cheeks through the huge ceiling-to-floor windows that I left uncovered from the last night. I don’t like to cover the windows at night. It creates a darkness that I cannot enjoy. Dark rooms always scared me and I like to leave the windows uncovered in order to be able to see the sky at night and enjoy the bright mornings.

I am laying in my warm and cozy bed at Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas when I hear some knocks in my door. “Room Service. Breakfast!” Oh, how I love my breakfast! Each and every morning a good, delicious breakfast is my ‘mantra” for an amazing day. The lingering smell of the Caramel Macchiato and the warm, buttery croissant quickly fill the spacious room. I jump in my cozy, soft bed again, arrange my five feather pillows, grab my lovely breakfast tray and first take a deep breath and thank God for this fulfilling day of my life. Next I have to slowly smell my coffee and assimilate the sensation into my body all that while thoughtfully and happily watching the exotic emptiness outside. A huge desert touched by human thirst for development and growth. Somewhere faraway at the very horizons a range of mountains stands proudly making the entire landscape look somehow…”un-American”. It reminds me of Egypt so much and of the Dahab Desert. Every day I wake up in this mesmerizing bed, I watch the planes taking off or landing. I realize it’s a beautiful picture, even though it’s so minimalist in its essence. Airplanes…they make me dream again, rising my desire to take the next trip…somewhere.

After my Italian colazione, I am ready. Ready for a day of adventures and new discoveries of places and feelings. I am taking a road trip to the Grand Canyon West. I have been there before, but it was 9 years ago. Seems like a lifetime. This time would be different though. I am different. Nine years ago, I used to be a completely different being with quite a different personality, likes, and dislikes. It’s funny how much we can change in just a few years. The good things is that I like the person I am becoming and I would never go back to my old self. I feel the evolution in spirit and mind. It’s like the more years pass, the more I find myself, or parts of myself and put them in a puzzle to discover who I am. There are still a lot of things to be unfolded.
The rental car was not exactly what I wanted. I thought that through the desert one should drive a real American, kind  of an aggressive car. Something like a Mustang or a Challenger. I guess I would have been really happy with a red or yellow Challenger. Unfortunately, or not quite, I ended up with a Mercedes. Good it was a white one. I needed and wanted a bright car so that it looked good in the Peach Springs or Hualapai Village where we were heading. Did you know that Hualapai means “peach”? Hualapai tribe is whom the Grand Canyon belongs to. It’s the native American tribe that owns the beauty of the Mohave Desert in Arizona.
The drive was one of the most picturesque I have ever had. It’s just so distinct from everything usual. It’s like being in one of the Tarantino’s movies. The closer we get to the Canyon the more incredible the views of the road. The Joshua trees are the ones that make me want to make a few stops and take more pictures.

“When driving through the Joshua forests, remember that these plants aren’t trees but yuccas, and members of the lily family. Enduring temperatures between 30 and 125 degrees, thriving with oppressively little rainfall and living for as long as 300 years, these giant lilies seem to have little in common with other members of their family, abandoning the grace and fragility of lilies for resiliency.” (

Pretty interesting, isn’t it? You have to see them in person and admire their beauty. It’s absolutely amazing. On both sides of the road here and there one can see the old American way…old little stores, ancient gas stations, community churches, and small schools. I cannot even believe that only about 170-180 miles away, in Nevada, lays one of the most futuristic city on Earth, Las Vegas, the expression of the latest sophisticated technology and abundance. Two worlds so close, yet so far apart.

Making my way to the breathtaking Canyon was easy and unforgettable. It’s an experience that will stay in my mind and body for a long time. A cathartic road that totally renewed my senses and my energy.

Next stop: Grand Canyon West. About it in my next post.

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