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Hello World,

I am one of those persons that are constantly looking for a getaway. I read somewhere that this particular feature denotes a problem. An interior problem. They say that when someone is permanently seeking for a new place to go to, it is simply because of a lack of personal fulfilment and satisfaction with your daily routines. Hmm… very debatable, I would say. I hate routines, I hate doing something repeatedly and I don’t quite think that this might be a problem. I am perfectly in harmony with my life and what I do day by day. I struggled to get where I am today and that’s why I LOVE IT! I wake up every morning with an amazing desire to go to work. It gives me so much power and opens up my brain. I literally can feel new synapses making their way in my neuronal circuits every morning I wake up and plan my day. It’s awesome! Still, the desire to just swing to another place just for a day or two is part of my quest for new adventures that give me opportunities to learn and live!

Miami completed my recent need for the “outside my circle world” in an incredible way. It was like fresh morning air. Curiously, I didn’t feel the need to visit particular places there. Just driving around and looking at the beautiful scenery made of sky-tall palm trees, glass buildings, wide streets, and a plethora of boats made me indulge into a strange feeling of contentedness. The vibe of Miami is absolutely incredible and I never felt it anywhere else. It’s a bit scary as one can feel the enormous power of the Magic City. It’s very adamant as well, as you get to know it better and better. I personally know many people that got caught into its mesmerizingly glamorous web. I guess it’s pretty easy to fall for Miami, I am just not sure how easy is to withdraw from there. To me, it looks like a drug.

I still have a lot to learn about this superb city and thousands of things to explore, that’s why I am going back next month and hopefully I will be even more amazed.