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In 1982, the Barbarella protagonist, Jane Fonda, was announced to start her latest career development as a fitness guru. Two years before, she launched her Workout fitness studio that offered classes in aerobics, dance, stretch in order to hone flexibility and endurance. In 1981, Mrs. Fonda published Jane Fonda’s Workout Book and nobody had anticipated it to be a great success and the New York Times bestseller for the next 2 years. It was in 1982, when the Workout movements and the studio experience were brought into viewers’ own homes through instructional videos. Jane Fonda wasn’t anticipating a fitness revolution. In time more and more women were frequenting the Workout studio and slowly they started to undergo some important changes, changes that actually empowered them. It was a drastic switch in women’s daily routine. Until then, the women were not as aware of their own bodies, because they were too much involved in their daily roles as wives and moms. It was very unusual for them to get a leotard (pretty intimidating for those times) and just jump into the studio and face themselves into those mirrors. It was a new experience, but one to make them more aware and therefore, more empowered. They started to learn to accept their bodies and to transform them. They started taking new risks in their daily lives. It was also in 1982 when Reebok offered Jane and her instructors a pair of white Reebok Freestyles, in a time when everybody  at the Workout was exercising barefoot. Thus, Reebok Freestyle became the first athletic shoe marketed exclusively to women and a symbol for everyone who was practicing fitness. People started to wear exercise outfits and go to their workout which was a major shift in the street style and fashion overall, because until 1980 “you would never go to the grocery store in gym shoes”.

What Jane Fonda started had become a huge sensation since 1980s and continues to be especially in nowadays. People become more and more educated about the importance of physical exercise, women as well as men. Now, gyms are planted almost anywhere, a lot like groceries stores. Or better said, every grocery store has a gym attached next to it.

I like gyms, I like the heated atmosphere that dominates there, but personally I prefer working out outside whenever I can. It’s just more rewarding for my entire mind, body, and soul. I am grateful for living next to the Atlantic Ocean and enjoy all the benefits it offers, including jogging and exercising on the beach. I still cannot explain why, but the workout by the ocean is so energizing, so empowering, so addictive. I am not talking as a romantic now. I have noticed a real positive change in me every time I go to work out right on the beach. I guess it’s the fresh air brought by the massive body of water that has this mind and body purifying effect. My next purchase would be a bicycle. I cannot wait to be able to ride a bicycle along the pretty beach and I am so happy that southern weather is pretty friendly and you can definitely enjoy a bicycle ride in the mid December.

Mens sana in corporae sano. It’s a very old Latin saying meaning a “Healthy mind in a healthy body”. Those two are mutually connected and I am trying to take care of both of them as much as possible and staying as informed as possible.

What do you guys do for your well-being and health?