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Men's jewelry

Fashion and jewelry go hand in hand. The clothing industry has evolved at an amazing speed through the fast fashion retailers. People do buy more cloths now than they did 5 years ago and we generally are witnessing a general awareness of fashion and style. Of course, the explosion of fashion blogs has a lot to do with this phenomenon as well.  As fashion evolves, so does the jewelry business. But, unlike the fast fashion tendencies, more and more people are interested in investing in valuable accessories like bags, watches, and fine jewelry.

 “Today, we are once again witnessing a time when freedom of expression, experimentation and boundary-stretching jewelry is capturing the hearts of jewelry lovers everywhere.” (Beth Bernstein)

men's jewelry

I have seen men that absolutely love jewelry much more than women and men that will never feel comfortable about wearing a piece of jewelry. Generally, the fine jewelry industry is reserved almost entirely for women. Women have been and continue to be the main fine jewelry wearers. It’s pretty easy to conquer a woman with a diamond. Generally, diamonds and fine jewelry were considered a women’ s prerogative. Not anymore. Men are becoming more and more aware of the fashion privileges and are looking to adopt a personalized style both in their garment choices as well as jewelry. While many men are still somehow hesitant about going bling bling, more and more of them are trying to break this tradition and expand from watches (historically, considered a man’s privilege) to gold, silver, and diamond jewelry. I did notice an interesting trend: every man who is willing to start wearing some jewelry will always start from stainless steel or silver before he moves to a gold piece. It will usually take him about 2-3 years to brace himself and go “shinier” like with a gold rosary or just a gold chain with or without a pendant. men's jewelry

A lot of men started to opt out for fancier rings, more sophisticated and more creative than a simple silver band. They will prefer some cuts and fine designs to the plain look.

There a couple of designers out there that make jewelry specifically for men. Their designs are very futuristic, and simplistic at the same time. Men do prefer colored diamonds like: blue diamonds and black diamonds. They are not big fans of gemstones.

These trends are very dependent on factors as race and culture, etc. Also, men prefer jewelry with more meaning in it. They like to express their beliefs and values through their jewelry, that’s why many times you will see men wearing more spiritual jewelry than women. Women are looking more for esthetics and beauty when choosing a piece pf jewelry.

All in all, both ladies and men are shifting their attention to fine jewelry and we will certainly witness a steep increase of this trend in the next years.

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men's jewelry