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When someone judges you, it isn’t actually about you. It’s about them and their own insecurities, limitations, and needs.

Not long ago, someone I know, decided I wasn’t worth anything. She really wanted me to acknowledge that, and tried to convey her aversion through different written methods. She criticized me for everything I was and I was not. She also mentioned that I’d have much more success with my blog, if I wasn’t so self – centred and would put some pictures of my husband and of my family. While I really doubt her psychological sanity, I thought I’d write about it.

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I don’t dislike criticism, as long as it is constructive, coherent, and logical. My blog is a place where I like to spend my time. It’s a little place, that is public, of course, but it belongs to me, my opinions, my feelings, my likes and dislikes. I do not monetize my blog as I did not feel the necessity to do it yet. I put in it as much as I want to share with the world. And I don’t want to share everything, even if I knew that it would bring me the craziest success. Some values need to be hidden. There are things that aren’t supposed to be shared and I am highly aware of them.

I don’t mind being critisized for self-love. Self-love is important to every human being and when there is a lack of it, people react like this lady. They are full of insecurities and negativity. Self-love needs to be practised. It needs to be acknowledged and used in an unselfish way, for, if wrongly understood self-love brings us to egotism and destruction. A great relationship with yourself is pivotal in how you relate to people around you.

Stella Sabina Channa in a princess, lavender dress. Fashion.

How can you offer love when you do not love yourself? How can you offer peace and serenity when you are full of hatred, and inside darkness? How can you do good, when there is no love in your heart? How can you return a smile when you are crying inside?

When you find yourself criticizing too much, wishing wrong too much, gossiping too much, hating too much, when your attention is channeled so much outwards than inwards, then you should stop and ask yourself. :

“Who am I? What do I want? “

Define yourself, define your desires and learn to love yourself. Be patient and take small steps towards finding out who you are and why are you unhappy. Find out what makes you happy. Organize your life and then , only then you would be ready to watch others prosper and be happy and feel nothing. YES, feel nothing. Because feeling nothing it’s way better than having unexplained negative feelings about someone you are stalking. The next level would be to feel happy for those people. But this would mean that you attained a certain level of consciousness and gratitude. And for this, we all need PATIENCE.


People that are happy with themselves and with their choices in life, are the people that wish no harm to the others. By displaying negative feelings, by spending uneccesary time in order to criticize and think what the other person could do better, instead of that,  just stop and think about yourself. Yes, be selfish in this sense and take care of your soul and your state of mind.

When the others do you wrong, be good to yourself. Be so kind, that nobody could ever take your inner peace away and cut off your wings. Be kind to yourself and don’t waste your precious time with people that do not deserve it, or on opinions that are not grounded in truths and purity.

Self-love is good as long as you do not harm anyone with it. Self-love is an expression of self growth and this is essential in your relationships.

And Yes, I choose to love myself!




Gold -rhapsody-princess-tule-dress-asos-lavander-makeup-dior

Gold -rhapsody-princess-tule-dress-asos-lavander-dancing-dior-love


Stella Sabina Channa in a princess, lavender dress. Fashion. Stockings.