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The business of modernity has swiftly transformed us into some sorts of robots that are taken away by the wave of the multitude of daily tasks. Never in the history of humanity, have we been bombarded by the same uplifting messages like: “Live your life!” “Do what you want!” “Live your best!” and so on and so on. Never have we had so many self-help books about how to be happy or successful. But what do all these mean for each and everyone of us? Different things. Still there is one thing in common. And this is INTENTION. Living with intention is what makes us move and do things. Living with intention is what should wake us up in the mornings. Living with a well defined intention be at a spiritual, mental, or physical level is what makes us struggle and then shine.

“An ordinary life can be extraordinary! There is beauty in imperfection and magic can be found in the everyday.” (Bella Grace Magazine)

Intention is in everything. Before you start doing anything, there is intention first and this is what differentiates us from being complete robots. Running errands is everybody’s task. The question is how you run them, how do wake up every morning and go to work, how do you talk to your clients or customers, how do you treat your family and friends, etc. If all this is sourced from genuine intentions geared towards positivity and a certain meaningful goal, then we must continue doing so, as on the long run, what you do will inspire others. And this matters.

On the other hand, if your day runs something like:”ok..what’s next? and what’s next? and what’s next?” a sort of apathy and at the same time obligation, a lack of interest towards the everyday challenges of this thing called “life”, if your intentions are just dry and thoughtless, then big changes should be made. These changes are very different for each and everyone of us, but they have to start with a simple question:”What ignites me?” It may take some time to discover that, but one must do it, must at least have the intention of doing it. It’s a trial and error process, but I know, that if we are consistent enough, each and everyone of us may achieve that moment when life transforms itself into a continuous chain of great intentions and beautiful happenings.

My intention right now is to preserve the summer vibes as much as I can, that’s why I cannot have enough of my coordinated separates. I am not really ready for the fall wardrobe yet because I am fortunate enough to live where the summer is stubborn to go away.