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“To me, a woman is a fascinating and potentially beautiful creature. I have always wanted the clothes I design to be a natural extension of her body-to flow out of her skin-to be not only a reflection of the way she looks, but of the way she lives.”    


Bonjour my beautiful friends!

“La vie en rose” is a phrase often used to express or to describe happiness.  Usually, when one hears this expression, one thinks of pretty flowers, lavish villas, fashionable cloths, fancy food, expensive adornments, lots of shoes, and a general sense of well-being. Yesterday, I read an interesting story about some women for whom the significance of “La vie en rose” overcame long and, sometimes, sudden changes, but the ultimate meaning is not what you’d expect. It’s about 40 women, that once were artists, investment bankers, lawyers, even a movie star, that have given up everything in order to live in a blissful monastery in Bethlehem, Connecticut. Their stories and, especially, their ultimate choice, after being very successful in life, may seem odd to most of us, but in the end it’s all about fulfilment and happiness. Many times I caught myself wishing to be that or that and many times I attained what I dreamt for only to realize a little bit later that my goal, my so desired purpose did not fill me up. It’s like a chimera. When you think you got it, you suddenly and sadly realize it is gone. And, then…what do I do? I start dreaming again, I make plans again, I want something else! And this is how we spend our lives chasing dreams and our own imaginations. But that’s ok.  I happen to believe so much in the possibility of everything. I think that if you really, really, really want something, and I mean when you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want something, than there is no way you won’t have it, because the whole universe itself will contribute and help you to obtain it. “Nothing is impossible. The Universe itself says: “I’m possible” “said once, the lovely Audrey Hepburn and she was right at that time and it’s even more “right” in our times. I’m also perfectly aware that there are people that come into this world already knowing what they want to be or do in their lives and they cannot imagine doing anything else, because this is it. They encountered their meaning and they feel good with that. I am definitely not a part of this group of people, as I have been in a perpetual quest since I met myself. Sometimes it hurts and sometimes it’s an adventure.

But going back to the story I read. What intrigued me was the fact that Dolores Hart, a movie star, who made 2 movies with Elvis Presley, a member of the Connecticut legislature, a Shakespearian Scholar form Yale; a Wall Street executive; a sculptor, and several lawyers, after attaining let’s say an above average professional success, after tasting the peak of their glory, they decided to leave all that behind and enter the abbey walls and they never felt happier. I am stunned. It looks like professional success as our society defines it, it’s not after all as gratifying as it seems. At least for some of us. Success, as it was taught to us traditionally, may not necessarily make us happy and fulfilled. Is there something else? And if there is, then what is this? Is it faith? Is it spirituality? Is it communion with nature? What is that only thing that bring us serenity and makes our “la vie en rose” ? I guess for everyone of us, that “thing” is different, but the dire exigency of having it and finding it, lies in each and everyone of us.
























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