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I have been working in the jewelry business for some time and one thing that blows my mind is how people take it for granted and the majority assume that jewelry, somehow takes care for itself. Well, this is quite wrong and jewelry, any kind, be it just simple fashion or expensive fine jewelry, like anything else in this world needs care and love. One cannot expect to see his/her jewelry at the end of one year in the exact state as it was at the time of purchase. The jewelry, because it’s worn on our bodies and cloths, needs cleaning and polishing at certain intervals of time. Here are a few tips about how to store and care for your bling bling!

  1. Organize your jewelry by categories: earrings, necklaces, rings, etc.

  2. Go to a local arts and crafts store and buy some beautiful jewelry displays for home use. Hang your necklaces and earrings. The visibility of your jewelry is important! The more you see in the morning, the more you will be able to mix and match! I have a beautiful jewelry display in form of Eiffel tower and since I have been hanging my jewelry on it, I can switch my jewelry every day with so much ease!

  3. For diamond rings, pendants, and other precious jewelry, use jewelry boxes. The acrylic ones are great as you can see through them and find your desired piece so fast. I also love to use velvet baggies, just to protect them from scratches!

  4. When you are getting ready, put your jewelry the last after you applied body creams, hand creams, hairsprays, and perfumes. All those can be corrosive to the metals.

  5. Once a week use a tooth brush, warm water and a tiny bit of your regular detergent in order to scrub your gold and silver jewelry. Make sure you rinse them thoroughly after one minute, especially the silver jewelry.

  6. Soak gold in small cup full of gin in order to bring its shine back. You will be truly amazed!

  7. If your jewelry contains stones like diamonds, or gem stones, use cold water and baby shampoo or soap. You want to be gentle to those sparklers.

  8. If a ring is stuck on your finger, use windex, butter, or oil.

  9. Use polishing cloth to refresh your jewelry before you put it on.

  10. Once a year or even more often, I suggest, take your jewelry to a local jewelry shop and have it professionally cleaned. Usually, any jewelry shop will do it (some do it for free) for a small fee but it is so worth it! I hear positive emotions every day related to this.

  11. Try a jewelry cleaner. It’s a special solution designed for gold and for silver that you could use at home to bring the shine back in a twinkling of an eye!

Voila! Jewelry is precious and because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it does not need any care whatsoever. By contrary, great storage and good care will make sure your beloved piece will withstand the time and will impress generations to come!