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Gold Rhapsody

Here we are at the end of 2016 waiting eagerly and faithfully the arrival of  2017. Every year, on the 31st of December I become pretty anxious. Anxious about the future and what the next year might bring. One can never know. But more than thinking about the next year possibilities, I use the end of the year days to meditate about the year that is about to go away and become just a simple memory. Before I can start wishing for different things in the new year, I prefer to take a moment and acknowledge all that good and bad that happened to me this year. And it’s a lot of everything… for which I am extremely grateful.

For all good and bad, for all my successes and failures, for all my achievements and disappointments, for all those that turned their back to me this year, and equally for all the new, genuine, kind, and inspiring people I met, for all these and especially for the tremendous amount of knowledge I gathered, I am beyond GRATEFUL.

Gold Rhapsody

I love balance and I strive for it. I never have specific wishes for the new year, as I believe in opportunities and the fact that they are all around us. It’s just up to us to open up, to be attentive, and to listen. I do have goals and a map to attain them, but what I learned in 2016 is that sometimes you don’t have to do anything.

Sometimes, one just has to follow the normal cycle/flow of life with all its ups and downs and have faith in God’s plan.

That doesn’t mean you just have to sit around and wait. No. You should have plans, goals, and dreams. In fact, you should always start with a dream or with an intention, if you think that the word “dream” sounds too romantic. After the intention has been created, you must think of ways to get closer to your dreams, to your projects, to your desired life. You must take decisions and not be afraid of possible failures.

You must believe, for when you have faith, all your actions will be geared towards the fulfilment of your desires in a natural and effortless way. I simply cannot see another way around it.


Fulfillment is art and don’t we all look for it? We may call it differently according to our own experiences, knowledge, and vocabulary, but in the end the reality of fulfillment is one. In the end, it’s all about appreciation and contribution. We cannot feel fulfilled if we don’t allow us a couple of minutes a day to express our gratitude and especially to acknowledge all the blessings in our lives. Consciously and willingly noticing and analyzing them. Often, we are too much in a hurry to do that, because we live in an ADHD society. Contribution is the second necessary condition of fulfillment. We have to give back in order to feel meaningful. It has been proved by numerous studies, that caring for others make people happy. It’s about making a difference, it’s about making some sort of sense while we are here, on Earth. We can care just that much for ourselves, but we have unlimited resources to improve somebody else’s day, or life, or way of thinking.

Gold Rhapsody

Everything in life is about balance and one must be prepared to fail along the way as well. But this is so ok.

It’s ok to have the wrong dream in order to figure out a better one, a bigger and more grandiose one.

Failures make us stronger and teach us tremendously, that’s why they are necessary.

Gold Rhapsody

My dreams designed me and they continue to do so. My dreams propel me to want more.

My dreams make me discover new things and learn every single day, and this is what I want at the end and beginning of each year: a new version of myself. A better version of whom I used to be, a developed self with more knowledge, more experiences, more qualitative people around me, more relationships, more ideas, more projects, more energy.

Gold Rhapsody

In 2016 I had to live some amazing new experiences and had incredibly meaningful and at the same time beautiful collaborations through my blog. I am ending this year with another special collaboration with a newly discovered fashion destination: Zaful. Many times (every week literally) I am asked my numerous strangers, as well as people I know, about where do I shop for clothing. While this is an extensive subject and I would like to discuss it in a totally new post, this particular one has been  partially sponsored by Zaful. It’s a new online portal for the fashionistas all over the world as they ship to almost any country out there. The beautifully embroidered jeans from the pictures are from ZAFUL and I was beyond thrilled to be in the possession of these beauties. I must admit I fell in love with Zaful amazing selection of fashion trends and especially the quality of cloths. It’s very much comparable to Zara, Mango, TopShop, Asos, etc. to name just a few fast fashion retailers that I love to buy from. Check it out! You will love their prices too!

To all the fashionistas and my dear friends that follow this blog I send my warmest wishes for the New Year! May you always laugh, be bold, beautiful, and full of energy to climb mountains, not only trees in the new 2017! 🙂