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Every time I go on a new and longer trip, I surely buy a new fragrance. It’s just my way of making sure that I can feel later the same emotions associated with the specific vacation no matter when, be it in one year, three years, or even ten. It’s a well-known fact that the smell triggers memories and emotions due to the anatomical structure of the brain. It’s really interesting and you can read more about this in the article: Smells Ring Bells: How Smell Triggers Memories and Emotions.

Usually, I choose my perfumes depending on the type of the trip I am taking. My last trip to Europe was kind of half business, half leisure and I needed a perfume that would express perfectly the way I felt. Cartier, La Panthère seemed the perfect choice. I love the Cartier jewelry designs and thought that La Panthère would represent me and make me feel special. I must admit that it’s not a perfume for everyone. It’s not even for me  for an every day wear. There are special days and a certain state of mind that I should have in order to be able to wear this perfume, that undoubtedly has a huge personality.

The luxurious bottle depicting a powerful panther is the epitome of opulence and elegance. Refined, grown up, and as they said for the “effortlessly” seductive woman. The entire collection, which contains 14 models is made for the woman that knows what she wants.


A captivating perfume that reflects a liberated, passionate woman. A feline floral fragrance born out of radiant, delicate gardenia coming together with velvety notes of musk. Within the flask, a sculpture depicts the majestic, fascinating panther.



I like certain floral perfumes, but only the ones that tend to be like sexy or darker, less feminine perfumes. This definitely strikes the right balance of femininity, class, and sexiness.  For me, this is more of a night out perfume. It is a love or hate fragrance, so I would definitely recommend trying a sample before you buy the whole bottle. If you aren’t afraid of something bold and different, give La Panthère a try.

This scent is gorgeous, something that a powerful woman would wear. If La Panthère were a woman she would be strong, sexy with a softer side revealed to a select few.

With sun-kissed radiance, La Panthère Eau de Parfum Légère casts the original cypress-gardenia-musk accord in a new light. A graceful combination of floral and feline illuminated by notes of tiaré flower.