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red lipstick

Let’s talk about lipstick. Let’s talk abut the classic red lipstick. Until not long ago, I wasn’t a dedicated user of a very bright red lipstick. Honestly, I was afraid. It just looked to me so pretentious and so flashy, that somehow I felt it should be worn just on special occasions. I guess I was wrong! Happily, I am the kind of person that likes novelty and doing things differently. I changed my habit. I made the red lipstick indispensable to my purse and I feel great about it!


Did you know that people actually take you more seriously when you are wearing red lipstick? Apparently yes. Hilarious? Absolutely. Out of a sudden,  the attitudes, behaviours, demeanours, thoughts, change and the person wearing the red lipstick has a point of view worth to be heard. Superficial, I know, but truth be told, our life is based on perceptions and full, red lips, were perceived as a symbol of attraction since ancient times. It looks like my experience with red lipstick can be backed up by some serious research. It appears that plush, red lips grabbed men’s attention (and not only) and dominated conversations since ancient Mesopotamia. “While ingredients have transitioned from crushed insects to wax and oil, a recent study found that those macaroon-red shades make women look younger by creating strong contrasts against the rest of the facial features and skin tone”, The Daily Mail reported. The bigger the contrast between the skin and the features, the younger the woman appears, therefore we see less contrast in older women.”We found that the redness of the lips decreases with aging, but the skin that surrounds the lips actually becomes more red, so the redness contrast between lips and the rest of the face decreases with age and that certainly is something that can be manipulated with make-up,” Richard Russell, lead researcher and professor of psychology at Gettysburg, told BBC Radio 4’s Material World.

I must admit that I am not sure about the “younger part” especially in young women. Edgy, sophisticated? Yes, but younger…it’s debatable. I mean, I seriously doubt that a 20-year old girl with a very bright red lipstick will look even younger than her age, by contrary, but I am absolutely sure that she will attract a lot of attention. Now, for women that are actually older, this theory is making a lot of sense as they do appear younger and more stylish with a red lipstick on. A woman with a great and bold  style will always appear younger than her actual age.


So, ladies, the spring is here, the flowers are blooming, a colorful world is revealed in front of our eyes, why not blending in it with some red lips? In these pictures I am wearing the Chanel lipstick 442 “Dimitri”. It’s truly long-wearing, soft, and very moisturizing.

Would love to hear your thoughts about it.

Happy spring,