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Gold Rhapsody – A Lifestyle Blog by Sabina Channa

A blog about fashion, passions, skincare, lifestyle, and travel. Sabina transforms moments into memories and life into a continuous journey.

Welcome to my blog! Welcome to my Rhapsody!

Where Creativity meets Enthusiasm!


Passions meet Inspired Actions

My Gold Rhapsody – an extended version of myself. My name is Stella Sabina Channa and I am a believer. I believe in the power of curiosity, in the necessity of continuous learning, in truth and freedom. I also believe that dressing up opens doors and a smile given or received, can change your day. I am the founder and CEO of Meikoko at – a Korean Beauty Portal. I am a dreamer and a seeker.

Some time ago, I was just living with my little joys, daily problems, fervent passions. I still live with them. Something changed though. I decided that my own experiences were unique in their own way and I felt the need to share them.

Maybe someone, somewhere, will resonate with my own rhapsody and will start building hers. Like I did. It’s a chain. This blog is just a different perspective on fashion, lifestyle, travel, skin care, life, opportunities, love, and everything that women like.

I believe:

In humanity and that people are naturally kind

In friendship, happiness, and humbleness

In true love and that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

That giving birth to a human being is the greatest responsibility

That dreams come true and once they are lived, they do become banalities

That one should always invent new dreams in order to evolve and not stagnate

That animals are meant to make us kinder and our lives richer

That one must fall many times and get up again and again

That one should be prepared to start from 0 at any point in life

That if you really, really want something, you will certainly receive it

That chocolate can do wonders

That we must live more in the present and worry less about the future

I believe in God!

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