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Fresh juice mix fruit, healthy drinks on wooden table.


Many times I am asked about my lifestyle and if I do something very special in order to keep myself in shape. The question surprises me all the time and I never have an exact answer right away. I always blame it on the genes. Still, there is one thing I religiously do: juicing and “smoothing”. I guess this is one of the main reasons for my energy and good shape. There is no need to write about the benefits of drinking freshly squeezed apples and oranges. Everybody knows that. I will just mention here which ones are my favourites that sooth my soul and body. Of course, there is an order in which the juice or the smoothie should be consumed, otherwise, one may actually gain weight from these goodies. I always have one in the morning and make sure I have one in the evening as well.

Banana smoothie with cranberries and yogurt berries cranberries in a wooden vase.

I LOVE making all sorts of juices and designing them. The only thing I hate is to clean the juicer. But, I think that there are not a lot of people out there who enjoy this activity. Oh, well, all the good comes with something bad, but I guess I can get over that. Another problem (and it’s a huge one) is to FIND that great juicer! I cannot tell you how many I bought and disposed them after 3 days or took them back to the store. I was crying when looking how my golden apples are simply destroyed by the dysfunctional machine and from an entire big apple I would hardly squeeze two sips of juice. I absolutely DETEST to throw away food and even more, fresh fruit. I just cannot do that! One day I found “THE JUICER” and my life changed since then. I use the Jack La Lanne’s Power Juicer (thank you, Costco, the link takes to Amazon, though) and cannot tell you how pleased I am with this little body as it squeezes every single cell of each fruit or vegetable. Nothing is left after (almost nothing). All you get is a loooot of juice! I truly recommend it and urge you to get it. Do it for your body. It’s an everyday SPA. After just one month of juicing you will notice big changes in your skin and the amount of the energy you have. Oh, and forget about colds and flu! Having everyday a glass of fresh juice is the best shield one can have against a myriad of health troubles! It’s tested and it’s true! Juicing is like working out: the first two weeks are the hardest regarding the motivation to squeeze those fruits (especially to clean the juicer), but once you are over this threshold, you will feel addicted!

My favourite juices are the easiest to prepare! I never follow any kind of recipes, just using my imagination. I love experimenting and that’s why I use whatever I find in my fridge. Some examples are here:

Orange + Apple+Carrots

apple orange and carrots with fresh juice in the background

Spinach + Celery + Kiwi + Ginger + Green apple

Blended smoothie with ingredients selective focus horizontal

I am also a big fun of fruit water. The juices are pretty sweet and sometimes I prefer something less sugary. Thus, I would opt for a glass of water with lemon and mint or lemon, lime, and cucumbers. I grow my own mint and basil and I make sure to use those divine leafs in almost any drink I prepare.

Fresh water with lemon, mint and cucumber.

My Favourite smoothie is a Banana/Mint. It contains: one banana, 2 spoons of Greek yogurt, almond milk, a freshly squeezed mango and one orange, 5 leaves of fresh, green mint. Sometimes I alternate the mint with basil. I mix all this together and the result is just incredible! The colour is somehow ok, nothing very attractive but the taste is hilariously great!

banana mango smoothies on a dark wood background

Blueberry Smoothie In A Glass Jar With A Straw And Sprig Of Mint

The blueberries are always present in my home. If I feel lazy, then I will just mix 5 spoons of Greek Yogurt with a handful of blueberries, add some orange juice and voila! A detox drink is at my fingertips!

I also drink plenty of tea! I have a real Tea Shop at home, but about this in another post!

Happy Detoxing,