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I haven’t reviewed a beauty product for a pretty long time. Again, I will blame it on my extremely hectic schedule, but that doesn’t mean I don’t use a tone of products. Not for my hair though. Actually this is my first post about a hair product and it is sponsored by Milbon. The reason I have never written about hair products is because I rarely use any of them. As a matter of fact, I use only some basic shampoo, conditioner (paraben and sulfate free), and argan oil.  I seldom use any hair sprays, gels, or other styling products. I don’t even blow dry my hair all the time. I am just trying to keep it simple, natural, and healthy. Not long ago I have been contacted by Milbon and asked to try their products.

First of all, I must admit that their packaging is one of the cutest and it does feel like a Christmas gift.

I love their color choice: black and white, very chic and elegant. I have received 3 products: Thickening Mist, Dry Texturizing Spray, and a Wet Shine Gel Cream 5. The first two products are supposed to create that big, thick, beautiful hair. I love volume in my hair, maybe because I have never had it full and always struggled with it since I was a child. My hair used to be very thin and as long as I remember I could never grow it long. It was only after I cut it really short at the Montreal Hair Show back in 2012, that somehow it started to grow nice and healthy. But back to Milbon products.

Milbon is number 1 professional hair care company in Japan. Founded in 1965, it continued to provide some of the most innovative hair products. I personally, liked the products from the first use. I mostly use the Texturizing Spray and the Thickening Mist. I love the volume I get with the help of these products. The third product, which is a Wet Shine Gel Cream 5 is pretty new for me, but with my passion for braided hair I am sure I will find a good use for it and I will fall in love.

Sabina Channa for Milbon Haircare. Long Hair needs great products

As with all the other beauty products, for me the smell is really important and Milbon doesn’t disappoint at all. The smell is spa like and gives you a sense of luxury and serenity. I carried these products everywhere with me while traveling to Europe.

“Fragrance is an intrinsic part of Milbon’s product design. Our range of delicate, clean fragrances are there whenever you brush your hair, or turn your head to look: they’re as soothing, luxurious, refreshing, and delightful as you’d expect them to be.” (Milbon)



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