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Wow, times does fly and I can hardly keep up with it. I cannot believe that 2016 is almost over and I think that never in my life have I been as busy as  I was this year. I got to start and finish so many projects that were literally unplanned, but sometimes life just brings you the opportunities when you least expect them. I am a dreamer, always was, always will be. I cannot help it and sometimes my carefully crafted dreams just take their own path, which is awesome. I just wish I had much more time to develop each detail to its perfection, but again patience, patience.

This year my biggest inspiration was the world of fine jewelry, that opened so many doors and created so many beautiful moments. It is funny how sometimes life will throw us into a field totally unrelated to our previous formation, education, or experience. I was never a jewelry person. In fact, my first gold chain I bought was in 2005 in Ocean City. It was a very small 18″ white 10 kt gold with a little heart pendant. It was my first piece of jewelry purchased from my own money. I was truly excited and felt kind of accomplished but the feeling quickly vanished away. My real love for fine jewelry was born once I met my husband. He has a particular relationship with each piece of gold and every diamond. They inspire him and now they do inspire me.

Now I can have my own “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” every single day at Ocean Jewels and let myself be carried away by the timeless beauty of the jewelry.