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Learning and educating myself constantly is part of my life philosophy and I always look for at least one new thing to learn everyday. It’s just what makes me feel alive and gives some sort of sense to my existence. The last weekend in the beautiful NYC was a real treat from all points of view: travel, relax, get away, networking, and much learning. As some of you know by now, I have attended 2 major fashion events: Simply Stylist and FashionistaCon, which I thoroughly described in  A Year Into Fashion post earlier.

One of the websites I follow daily and read the posts is Fashionista. I love their approach to the fashion world and especially the enormous amount of information and up to date articles they write each week. The conference itself was very well organized and simply inspiring, as the speakers were some of the most illustrative people in the fashion world in US. The topics that have been covered were:

  1. Why menswear is having a moment? Never in the human history have  men been so concerned about style and fashion and it is certainly a phenomenon that is gaining more and more attention each year. dsc_0739Todd Snyder, Jian DeLeon, Jacob Gallagher, Tom Kalenderian, and Lawrence Schlossman had an interesting discussion about the subject and my one take away from the panel was: Menswear is certainly getting momentum. The suit is not dead, but interestingly revamped by an increasingly  youthful tendency that involves t-shirts and sneakers. Minimalist styles inspired from the Japanese culture may or will become the mainstream for the fashionable men. I personally love the trend!
  2. How to get your fashion label off the ground? In a world full of “noise” both real and digital, it might seem pretty complicated if you don’t have the right network. Knowledge is POWER! The more connected you are to the right people, the faster your project will gain substance. Still, everything can be attainable with many hours of work, diligence, and perseverance. In my professional aspirations, I particularly identified with the gorgeous Rachel Roy, who is a tireless activist and believer in using your own voice in order to promote change and live the life you dream about. Her professional trajectory is absolutely fascinating and I would love to have her as a mentor.dsc_0746
  3. What does it mean to be an influencer today?  A question that has been tackled by the amazing Danielle Bernstein from We Wore What, Reesa Lake from The Digital Brand Architects, Krista Neuhaus from Kate Spade and Company, and the lovely Jennifer Powell from Next Model Management. dsc_0769 In order to be a “great” influencer (I guess when you are categorized as an influencer you are already great) one must do the obvious: “Do what you love!” Only by sticking to what you love and using that love in many creative ways constantly and patiently, eventually will pay off and get you the contract with your beloved brand. To be an influencer in 2016 became actually a career and will continue to get even more popularity in the future. This topic remained somehow vague in my mind as it was pretty general. It was nothing specified about how to actually become an influencer. I felt that they covered more the very job to be an influencer and your options when you are Already up on the ladder.
  4. A series of inspiring interviews followed with Cathy Horn from The Cut New York Magazine, Patricia Field – the Award Winning Costume Designer, the fabulous Christian Siriano, and Linda Rodin from Olio Lusso. It was interesting to hear each story and to realize that success is available for everyone out there. Nothing will happen overnight. One must select his/her niche and try to be the best at it. Thrive. 

There are plenty of questions to be answered and many segments in fashion that require our attention. There is enough space for everyone who is willing to explore the novelty of the times that we live in. Mrs. Horyn, was particularly concerned about the future of the fashion world and especially its creative side.

Where is the desire? Where are the creative designers? How to creatively and efficiently deliver the content? Can my voice stand out? Where is the great reporting? How to effectively combine and understand business and creativity? How things are being produced? What great designers are actually in their 20s?

These and so many other questions are opportunities ready to be explored and transmitted.