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gold rhapsody in a floral dress enjoying the beauty of a green wheat field.

Day by day we are trying to catch up with the modern pace of life. “Every day I am hustling” seems to clutter everybody’s mind and we are all in competition, in competition with each other, in competition with ourselves. And it doesn’t seem to slow down. It feels like we are truly living in a world full of possibilities and nothing ever has been easier to reach or have than today. It’s all good and beautiful.

Still no matter how comfortable I am, after some hectic months of constantly hustling and being on the go, fulfilling dreams and reaching goals, I always get to the same point. Something is missing. Something is just not there. Sometimes, all this rush just doesn’t make no sense and this is when I realize I need to escape again. It’s more of a mental escape, but as much as possible I try to make it physical as well. I want to return to a world not dominated by ego with beautiful and kind people around me. I want to live simply and thoroughly. I want to wake up and admire the sunrise and have time to watch a sunset or even more…to paint it. I don’t want to hustle.

gold rhapsody in a floral dress enjoying the beauty of a green wheat field. Fashion Photoshoot

This desire to commune with nature, to inhale its freshness, originality, is probably affecting many of us across different continents, countries, industries, more than we think. The propensity to a better closeness with mother nature can be noticed everywhere for the past two years, especially in the fashion industry. Floral prints are the ones that dominate most of the designers’ minds. Flowers, grass, plants, animals, and everything else that is linked to the Earth, seem to somehow appeal to everyone, from children to adults. It’s refreshing. Young. Beautiful.

Wisdom, Power, and Goodness meet in the bounteous field of wheat. /Hannah Gould/

Watching a wheat field from the very first moment when the seeds are planted and till they turn into that godly gold color, it’s an experience worth living and having at least once in a lifetime. The freedom these fields inflame is uplifting. It’s like a call to that side of us, that gets to be forgotten in the modern world. That “je ne sais quoi” we are constantly looking for and cannot find.



If you could understand a single grain of wheat, you would die of wonder. Martin Luther.


gold rhapsody fina floral dress in a field of wheat

_Once a year, go someplace you'venever seen before._(2)