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It’s Monday. Another beautiful day to be blessed to open my eyes in the morning, make my delicious coffee, dress up and head to work. I get to work and after I arrange my work place, I open my Facebook and start scrolling through the many posts about Monday. For some reason, Mondays are not good for many people or maybe it’s just about people and not the day itself. I used to have this negative attitude about Mondays myself, but I changed it a while ago and my Mondays changed as well. I see every Monday as a new beginning and a sea of opportunities. I am thankful and probably most of all, I am super curious about what a new week might bring me. I am sure I changed my attitude since my weekends don’t really have the same meaning as to most of people. I work on weekends as well and maybe that’s why I embrace my Monday as any other day. Oh, and I am not complaining about it. I love my lifestyle, I cherish it and I am grateful for it, even though sometimes I wish I had a little bit more of spare time to enjoy with my family. It’s all about finding and doing what you love. It might sound a cliché, but it’s true. It’s also true that we all have our dream jobs and many of us accomplish to get one. Many don’t and are trapped into a job that we don’t like, but compromise for it from different motifs.

stella sabina channa wearing a black lace leather dress at ocean jewels.

One day I had an interesting discussion with my brother. We were talking about our purpose in life and the meaning of all that we struggle for. This kind of conversations will always take us to the subject of death. We spice up our thinking process with different questions and like to create “what if ” situations. I have been always stating that I wished I knew the time when I would die. I think that would give me the opportunity to better organize my life and obviously my priorities would strangely change. As a matter of fact, I think that everybody’s priorities would take a turn in a very interesting way, a way that we never think about, because we are so engulfed into every day’s nonsense. I believe it’s a nonsense just because all that would definitely cange if we knew how much we had to live. Stop reading this now… and think about it.

“If you were to live just one more month, what would you do? How your life would change? What would you do differently?”

Let me make a guess. I think you would do many other things that you are not doing right now, in this very moment. I am sure you will change your priorities whatever they might be and they will be different from one person to another. But I bet there is one thing that we all unanimously won’t do. And that is working. Would you go to work as you do every day if you knew that in just one month you won’t exist in the form you are right now? That’s an interesting thought that occurred to both me and my brother while talking about our purpose. We both realized that no matter how much you love or hate your job, knowing that you won’t exist in your body in just one month, absolves you from this duty (your job) that the whole humanity is making so much sense of.

Yes, we all need to work in order to live the life we want, but if you think about it, somehow we dedicate ourselves to work 90% of our lives and when  faced with death, nothing of all this matters. At all. What matters is your family, your relationships with other people, your pets, your faith, and what you are leaving behind you. The fact that you went all your life to work from 9 to 5 everyday, doesn’t matter at all. Hell, you don’t even remember that. We remember only the good times, we remember family reunions, we remember our mothers, and fathers, and sisters, and brothers, and grandparents. We remember the special people we met in our lifetime and the unforgettable moments we had during that special vacation.

Now, the “Do what you love” makes sense. It starts to sound just right. I believe that everyone of us is capable of finding that one job that will make him/her happy. That job can change and then you might find another passion and pursue it, but that’s ok, because that is what your soul wants. It takes courage and it takes a lot of perseverance. It takes a lot of trial and error, but in the end it’s all worth it!

You have to be very intentional about what you desire from your life and then find a job or build a business around that. We must build our lives around our passions and only then maybe, only then, we might choose to do it no matter what, even when faced with our inevitable end.

I try to make each day count and be happy about it. If I am unhappy at a certain point, and many times I am, I stop and think. I change what needs to be changed and I think that tomorrow might not come.



Gold Rhapsody happy at Ocean Jewels, a jewelry store.




Sabina Channa wearing a black lace leather dress