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Sometimes I wonder how the fashion world would have looked liked if Levi Strauss didn’t come in 1853 to San Francisco and didn’t give birth together with Jacob Davis to the ubiquitous jeans on May 20th, 1973? These two visionary immigrants revolutionized the world with their witty invention offering a product that centuries later would find a great use and fame.

I love denim..everything denim from jeans/pants, shirts, dresses, shoes, etc. It’s funny and amazing at the same time how one can never look outdated in denim for it carries youth, vitality, functionality, and a sort of charisma.

One day I was complemented and asked at the same time how do I manage to always look elegant and polished. “You never wear jeans?” this person continued. The question left me a bit perplexed…But, of course, I do and quite often. I must have dressed them up all the time, that’s why some of my friends don’t even realize that I actually wear jeans. I have my days when I want to just get into a pair of simple jeans and white t-shirt and go, but I must admit this doesn’t happen to often. I love dressing up and I love accessorizing and styling my denim outfits. It’s pretty easy, taking into consideration the already embed denim style. Denim is stylish by nature. With a bit of attention to detail you are good to go.

What is difficult to me is to find the perfect pair of jeans or denim dress. The choice is impressive especially this year, when it looks like Denim is the King!

Every person is different regarding the jeans preferences. I am in constant search of the best denim brands and the ones that fit me, my body. Here is a list with my favourite denim carriers:

True Religion Jeans


Abercrombie & Fitch

Armani Exchange





Check them out for some amazing blue jean pieces. 😉

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True Religion Jeans


Gianni Binni Shoes/ Kate Spade Bag