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White, classy ensemble by Rachel Roy. On the streets of Florence. Italy.

It feels good to be back to one of the most iconic city in the world, Florence, or Firenze how Italians call it.

Last January, I came home one day, pretty tired and kind of depressed. I remember not wanting anything. When I don’t have any desires, that means I really don’t feel well. I decided to forget everything and do something that I haven’t done for so long: watching a movie. I chose: “Medici. Masters of Florence”,  a 2016 drama series starring Richard Madden as Cosimo de Medici, Dustin Hoffman as Giovanni de Medici, and Stuart Martin as Lorenzo De Medici. It’s one of the most interesting and captivating historical saga I have ever watched along with Isabel De Castilla. After watching this movie, it really doesn’t matter how many times you have visited this mesmerizing, giant city, you will want to and have to do it again. (One can still find the above movie on Netflix.)


It has been decided. I had to go back to Florence and feel the real spirit of De Medici Family, now that I lived thousands of different emotions and empathized with the movie characters. My dream was to walk in Piazza della Signoria, enter the Palazzo Vecchio and visualize the members of this amazing family with all their troubles, lifestyle, and grandeur.

It’s one thing going to Florence and just following the touristic attractions learning on the way facts that will soon be forgotten, and it’s a totally another thing to go there with your lesson learned and done, and let your emotions and the imagination slide into the past. It’s an  incomparable experience.

The magnitude and splendour of Firenze is unparalleled. It’s also great to visit this place during the low seasons when there are not so many tourists and one can easily walk and enjoy this cultural trip. Every time I get out of my hotel, there is a new thing to learn and sometimes it is right in front of me, sometimes it is on the upper street. I wish I could live here at least for one year to fully absorb the spell and plunge into the Renaissance allurement.

Always super inspired,