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Good Morning and Good Day,

After the threatenings of the tropical storm Ana have vanished away, here we are again in the sunny and bright Myrtle Beach. It looks like the storm came as a talented painter and left a “paysage” full of fresh green colour, that brings every single tree and leaf to life. This bright, green hue can be observed only this time of the year because as we advance into the summer, the sun will fade away the liveliness of it.

This kind of day, compels me to get out of the house and head towards one of my favourite places in town, Market Common. It is situated South of Myrtle Beach airport and it’s the only place here that reminds me of the beautiful European streets. One can stroll around for hours, stop at the Barnes and Nobles, grab a Starbucks Coffee, go to the cinema, or just simply dream by the fountain and enjoying the gentle touch of the sun. Today, I decided to indulge at Crepe Creations, one little bistro that offers a large variety of French crepes, waffles, great expresso, wine, and beer.


I love the atmosphere there, as it is very French-like, very simple, but with a subtle sophistication. Well, I guess that any restaurant that encounters its customers with a short “Bienvenue” belongs to that light, effortlessly-chic category. As I enter the resto, I am happily greeted by a smiley face and helped to find a table right by the window. I ordered an Earl Grey Hot Tea (one of my all time favourites). While I was gazing at the beautifully sprung trees, an enticing aroma of bergamot (the fragrant fruit that gives Earl Grey the signature flavour) was lingering around me as my smiley server brought it to me.



After a pretty long intrinsic debate, I decided to order a Crepe Parisienne. The Brie, Apple Slices, Almonds, and Black Cherry Balsamic were extremely promising and I was curious in what combination they would come. The Parisienne is a very exquisite crepe that came shortly after my mind was wondering on the rustically chic walls, decorated with a few happy paintings. It’s certainly not a gourmet crepe, but very refreshing and light, great for those who want to indulge into something light, yet nutritious enough. My Parisienne was filled with fresh apples cut in slices and tossed in a sweetish balsamic vinegar, covered with pieces of fresh brie that while “hidden” into the crepe, melted forming a delicious mixture. The crepe was lightly sprinkled with thin slices of almonds that were complementing the flavoured filling.


There is no way that one can go to Crepe Creations and eat just one crepe! Lost to my reveries, I was jolted to the present when a buttery lemon crepe was set in front of me! Mamma mia! The lemon crepe is well suited for those who desire something sweet on a Monday afternoon, but want to control the calories a bit. The Lemon Zest perfectly balances the sweet note given by the tossed sugar and the light citrusy hue. The buttery flavour and taste is the added twist that makes the Lemon Zest so special!!!


The menu has some interesting gourmet selections that one can try as well. For example, Chicken Florentine – Seasoned Chicken, Spinach, Mushrooms, Onions, Swiss Cheese, and Hollandaise Sauce or the  Tuscan Chicken – Seasoned Chicken, Fresh Spinach, Grilled Mushrooms, Mozzarella, Bruschetta Salsa, and Tuscan Herb Olive Oil. For those that have a very sweet tooth, I would recommend Chocolate Dream Waffle – Sweet Waffle smothered in Airy Chocolate Mascarpone cream paired with Balsamic Macerated Strawberries served with Whipped Cream and Powdered Sugar, which is absolutely heavenly!

The place has a French feeling, but it’s not exclusively French type. It combines some Italian inspired dishes for those who feel like “mangiare un panini”. They also offer gluten free dishes for an extra charge.

The music glorifying the unforgettable Edith Piaf and George Brassens will surely help you transcend our modern times and slide into the imaginary old France! For more info about this place and for their menu go to their website

Cannot wait to take you somewhere else in our beautiful and sunny Myrtle Beach!

Au revoir,