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The world of jewelry is pretty mesmerizing and it conquered the human beings since the ancient civilizations. History teaches us that even before recording their own history humans were adorning themselves with jewelry. When archeologists excavate humanity’s earliest settlements, it’s a common thing to find jewelry among the artifacts. Jewelry has evolved during the ages into many beautiful and various forms and the more I study it the more I am stunned by the diversity and the immense work that is involved in the making of it.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend Atlanta Jewelry Show as well as get in touch with some amazing students from SCAD Jewelry (The Savannah College of Art and Design).  I think life has been very kind with me till now. I remember when I was still in University in Romania and preparing my portfolio and application to the exact same university, just a different field than jewelry design. Of course, my dream was to pursue a fashion degree. All in all, it looks like somehow the dots connected over the years, throwing me a little bit in both fields: fashion (through my blog) and jewelry, my entrepreneurial adventure.

SCAD Jewelry program has been established in 1993 and it is the largest in the US, offering cutting-edge technology, inspiring facilities, and exposure to international, professional partnerships.

The jewelry show is always a great place to see an array of incredible jewelry and let your imagination go wild. This particular show was focused especially on fine jewelry, that’s why the designs that are reflected in the pictures really attracted my attention. Soon I found out that all these jewelry designs were done by the SCAD students and they were running a small competition, that was judged by the general public. The design that has been chosen as a winner is the very first colorful necklace in this post. It was indeed one that attracted most of the attention, I guess, because of the vivid, oceanic colors that were giving one the illusion as if it was stolen from a mermaid. I would call the entire collection ” Illusions Interrompues” for the out-of-the-box concepts, diversity and emerging creativity.

I took my time to closely study and read about each piece of jewelry and here one can see my favorite ones. What really strikes my mind is the immense creativity that resides in all the students that presented their works. It seemed that the focus was on conceptual thinking and refined craftsmanship, resulting in an exquisite originality. The jewelry had to be made from different unusual materials which I find extremely challenging and I must admit that the results are pretty astonishing. No wonder the SCAD students develop products for highly regarded jewelry companies like: Chanel, Alexis Bittar, Remington, Fossil, Michael Kors watches, McGee Group, The Limited, and many more.

This act of intense creativity inspired me so much that ideas are crawling now in my head for my next big project. 🙂 Stay Tuned!



“Pay attention to everything around you. Pay close attention, because you never know what can inspire you!”