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Red Lips

Charleston Fashion Week is one of the most important event of the year in South Carolina, opening every spring in glam and new trends. This phenomenon is accredited with launching important careers for aspiring models and talented designers, attracting more and more attention and fame each year.

Usually, the Charleston Fashion Week will present the Emerging Designers and the Featured Designers that are already successful in the fashion industry. The 2016 featured designers were: CADET, CREATURES OF THE WIND, and TRACY REESE. I had the opportunity to witness the Creatures of the Wind collection created by the avant-garde designers Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters and I was pretty impressed with the edgy look combined with a classic tint.

The perfectly tailored coats with oversized sleeves and the sturdy, yet feminine fabrics, steered waves of exhilarating emotions  in the room.

The Emerging Designer Competition is a big part of the Charleston Fashion Week. Jon Milner, Samantha de la Fuente, Lisa N. Hoang, and Emily Seifert were the Friday emerging designers presenting their collections to the curious public. I particularly liked Lisa N. Hoang collection for its awesome creativity and extreme attention to detail. Her artful work reflects an interesting blend of Asian and American couture.

I liked it especially for its embedded Vietnamese history and culture, and the added modern hue and sophisticated intricacy.

Jon Millner’s collection was interesting as well. I felt that his cloths really expressed  an attitude and confidence. ” I believe that clothing is about a feeling and an attitude. I seek to create pieces that evoke a connection with the wearer.” Jon Millner for Charleston Fashion Week.

The winners were Samantha De La Fuente and Emily Seifert, both with ready-to-wear wonderful collections, but a bit too trendy for my taste. I like garments capable of withstanding the time, c’est a dire classics with a modern twist.

Last but not least, a memorable highlight from the Friday show was, of course, Gwynn’s of Mount Pleasant with their amazingly colorful, happy summer collection that made quite a sensation. It is stupefying how vivid, bright colors can put people at ease and make them happy in a matter of seconds.

For more info and pictures about the shows and other awesome designers visit the Charleston Fashion Week official website